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Personally believe that in 2040 we will travel much less,
you do not need.
Our avatar will travel on the network because the technology has found a way to involve the five senses in the experience of virtual navigation.
An Italian entertainer says: "In 2040, the pizza will be downloaded online!"
However, there will be someone who wants to move for fun, so here's a fun vehicle: Trike 2040
The electric motor is powered by hydrogen fuel cells as the difficult problem of hydrogen storage has been resolved.
A handful of solar cells will help the engine.
I have therefore developed the concept of independent suspension by means of articulated arms.
In a real model can be operated with servo motors so as to compensate shaking and orienting the body to counteract the centrifugal force when cornering.
Waiting for someone to solve these problems,
I focused on the possibility to simulate the behavior of the suspension at least on this small scale model.
I also raised the issue of the wheels without hub.
The front wheels rotate on a spherical seat and on the cylindrical surface of the large annular support. The model can really run!
The rear axle protrudes from the differential and rigidly supports the two drive wheels placed very close to the differential, without the need for drive shafts articulated transmission, with constant velocity joints. The entire subgroup rotates on a support arm so as to adapt to the ground (see the screenshots)
The two rear arms and the front ones are grafted on a pin that protrudes from the body, in the middle of this pin an elastic element absorbs the shocks of the two arms.
It is a simple leaf spring molded with an elastic material.
To calibrate the stiffness of the spring and right size would be needed to make proofs,
as it happens I could really use anMakerBot Replicator 2!
This model was made for Grabcad Challenge :MakerBot Replicator 2!
MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer Challenge
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