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A space themed (and noninfringing), Lego compatible version of the classic game. Take turns guess the grid location of your opponents space ships. When you've destroyed them all you win! Unlike the traditional game the board is only 8x8, there are only 4 ships and the ships are not all straight lines. Are you ready for this space-aged challenge?

This was a huge undertaking for me and I suspect a fairly significant project to print. It started when I couldn't find the original Battleship game for my sons in stores any more, replaced with a new fangled hex based one. I vowed no one should have to put up with this injustice and sought to remedy it. I decided to make it Lego compatible because I know that 3D printed Lego blocks work. I leaned heavily on thingiverse.com/thing:9512 for measurements. Also thanks be to thingiverse.com/thing:6866 for saving me a lot of trouble designing the shuttle ship.

The originals are in Blender. I didn't do a very good job of not being destructive to my previous steps, a decision that bit me in the butt more than once. There may be some things in there if you wish to modify it, tho. Future modifications may include latches to hold the lid to the base, different ships for both sides, and simple extended rules to keep the game interesting.

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