I wanted to design a simple to fit and use lense cap and filter system.

My design uses a ring which is attached to the camera by using the same 4 screw holes which hold the lense to the camera body. You simply just replace the 4 screws with those which are longer, the ring is now attached to the camera.

The lense cap simply aligns 2 teeth on the inside with slots on the fitting ring, rotate to the right and it will then stay in place, to release, just turn the cap to the left and it will come off. I also incorporated a simple loop for a string/strap so it doesn't get lost.

I also design an attachment to hold light & colour filters. It twists on using the same method as the lense cap. You then simply place a filter into the slot at the front of the attachment and align the pin at the top to stop it falling out. This attachment does require filters to be made rather than using off the shelf filters. In the pack I have rendered 3 simple colours as well as a pin hole lense.

All parts are easy to make either by traditional injection moulding or by modern 3D printing.

I wanted to keep all parts simple to use and I believe they suit the brand well and wouldn't look out of place. I believe my design is unique because I have not just created a lense cap, but a simple attachment which can be used to hold filters and the simple fitting method means future products can be developed such as extra zoom lenses.

Download Lense cap & filters 3D Model Files

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