The love toy customiser allows you to create your very personal love toy. With the curve editor on the right you can define the shape of your love toy to exactly fit your needs. Select a colour and adjust thickness, bend and basic shape. You can also load a background image to draw the love toy after a given shape. Have fun, share your love toy design with others and create new shapes based on other designs!


Doubleclick anywhere on the outlining of the bezier designer to add new movable points.

You can now exclusively order your personal love toy 3D printed by YOUin3D in silicone.

The love toy customiser is based on Ikaros Kappler's dildo generator.

Mesh Controls

0% 50%
Twist* (0%):
Shape Style:





You can use this feature to load a background image as a blueprint to customise your love toy by tracing the image.
The image will not be uploaded or stored anywhere on our servers unless you explicitely save/publish your design.