Wades get a blowjob... no no no, I mean...
This is the latest rendition of the famous Wades Extruder. I recognised that many fans were being added outside the Extruder making the X Axis pretty clunky.
**8/16/13 I found that this Extruder is thinner than most Wades increasing my X print area**
**Uploaded netfab fixed .stl - Apparently there's a hole somewhere I haven't found.**
**8/8/2013 Modded extruder and base To correct hole spacing in mounts.**
This uses a 40mm fan to blow air directly down to the hot end, cooling both the print and the Extruder stepper at the same time.

See my other things for the modified X carriage to mount the Extruder. (Thing#: 129944)
This is currently setup for a Groove Mount 1.75mm hot end. I will make mods for Jhead and others if you tell me the dimensions. It's easy to drill it out for 3mm filament
This is intended for you to use the Skuehling Guidler (included) and to turn the screws around, so the screwheads are in the extruder. This also uses the Herringbone Gears (included)
The GroovemountBase is a template for carving your own wooden isolator with either laser, or hand tools. I find Home Depot paint sticks work well. I did not design the gears nor the guidler.

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