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This was designed entirely in Tinkercad back in early 2012. Now it's finally being released to the public. It's very easy to build if I do say so myself.


Essential hardware you will need for the frame includes:
- 24x 35mm M4 socket-cap screws (For mounting center hub to arms and landing gear to arms)
- 16x 25mm M4 socket-cap screws (For mounting arms to motor mounts)
- 16x 14mm M3 socket-cap screws (For mounting motor cross-plates to motor mounts.)
- 4x 6mm M3 socket-cap screws (For mounting flight controller)
- 4x 20mm M3 nylon standoffs (Also for mounting flight controller)
- M3 nylon nuts (Also for mounting flight controller)
- M3 and M4 nylock nuts (To hold everything together)
- At least 1m of 19mm / 1.5mm square aluminium tubing (Will be measured, cut, and drilled to form the arms)

The motor mounts are designed to carry the 28xx series cross plates of your motors.

For a full write up with images visit goo.gl/gGZf7

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