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This is our first upload of our quadcopter design, about its 12th revision though.

- motor cabling through 12mm arms
- slide on battery clip
- vibration dampened flight board (effectively kills all vibrations to accelerometer)
- designed for 4 in 1 hobbywing esc
- extremely strong
- motor mounts have built in hidden hole for leds to light up the plastic for orientation
- very lightweight
- totally enclosed with hinged hood
- gopro mount built in
- landing gear uses same tube as arms, locks over frame, cheap/light/effective
- general purpose cargo slot

The whole thing is designed to take 12mm diameter aluminium or carbon fibre arms, roughly 250mm length each. needs 4 m3 bolts and nyloc nuts to secure the arms to the frame and 4 m3 bolts and nuts to secure the motor mounts to the arms. Landing gear is fastened using cable ties.

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