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In order to support the continually evolving 3D printing technology we have now upgraded our 3D viewer to support more 3D file formats. The viewer can now render several other 3D file formats besides the common STL file format. [more] Although the STL format may be the most commonly used format in 3D printing it may not be sufficient  in every case. Or as Comsol wrote will there be a better file format for 3D Printing to replace STL? On application are multi-color 3D prints. Although it may be applicable to use two STL models for dual extruder 3D printers to print two colored objects, when it comes to models to be printed with hundreds or even thousands of colors it just won't work. Multi-color prints require formats like OBJ files along with texture files or VRML files.

To take account of new possibilities of 3D printing we have extended our 3D viewer to support 3D files in VRML and OBJ file format with textures to be visualized. For the time being the list of supported file formats is now as follows:

Basically you don't have to take care of anything: The viewer is able to determine the used format and selects the correct rendering engine.
To show textures on models uploaded in OBJ file format you have to do the following:
On our upload page first choose your OBJ file under 3D Model Files. Clicking on Add new model file gives you another upload field where you can select an additional file. Select your texture file (.png or .jpg).  Heads up: the texture file must be named exactly as the model file except the file type ending.

After that you can add images, description and additional information just as usual. Then select the Common Creatives licensing conditions under which you want your model to be published and with clicking on Save your model is online. As simple as it sounds.

Of course you can choose whether your model should be publicly available (Public), only reachable by a specific URL (Not listed) or if it should be visible exclusively to you (Private) under License and Visibility.

The 3D viewer's controls work as you're used to it: Hold down left mouse button to rotate the model, hold down right mouse button to pan the object and zoom with your mouse wheel. The full screen mode can be left by pressing ESC.

If you have any recommendations or criticism we would appreciate your comments.


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