3D Printing Art at the 3D Printshow Berlin 2015

3D Printing Art
This year for the first time the London originated 3D Printshow hit Berlin and presented a separate section for 3D printing art. Being a main sponsor of the 3D Printshow Stratasys provided most of the art prints to the section with complex forked objects similar to some art pieces shown at 2014's EuroMold
This is the official poster for the art exhibition at the 3D Printshow 2015 in Berlin:

Most of the art prints that have been printed with a Stratasys Objet printer where created by the Canadian sculpturist Michael Winstone who has his studio in Madrid, Spain for 10 years now. Coming from traditional sculpturing his 3D printed sculptures link to his previous work and can be described as kind of liquid branches. They remind of living fluids that can bee seen in many science fiction and fantasy movies this time, like black virus in Spider Man 3 (the Sam Raimi one).

3D Printing Art 1

3D Printing Art 2

3D Printing Art 3

The following pieces look similar to the 3D printing art already shown at the EuroMold 2014 by Stratasys. Endless loops and knots as multicolor printouts with high glossy finishing.

3D Printing Art 4

3D Printing Art 6

3D Printing Art 7

3D Printing Art 8

Also present in the 3D printing art section of the 3D Printshow were the melting faces sculptures by Pussykrew. Ther artistic duo from Berlin works hard to create the suspension between the physical and the digital world. With their background of 3D animation and CGI software Pussykrew tries to create hyper realistic sculptures that come into the physical world from computer animated graphics by 3D printing.
Their sculpture should be

"the object of desire. Even if they are highly aesthetic they are just a method of trying to find the beauty in incompleteness."

3D Printing Art 9

3D Printing Art 10

3D Printing Art 11

Quite fascinating looked the kind of deformed house printed with a Stratasys Objet printer.

3D Printing Art 12

Not part of the art exhibition but what could also be considered as art is the 3D printed moon, printed by BigRep with their large scale 3D printer. The moon has a diameter of about 30 centimeters and was printed in one piece.

3D Printing Art 13

All images from the 3D printing art exhibition can be viewed in high resolution on Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook.


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