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Once considered too large and too expensive to be used outside of professional settings, 3D printers are now affordable and compact enough for every household. Every day, owners find new and innovative ways to create objects with 3D printing. Like the microwave or home computer, these printers have found a place in the modern home and are fast becoming an essential household tool.

The price of 3D printers has been steadily decreasing, and printers are now available for under a thousand pounds. While this may seem extravagant, users report that once they start using a 3D printer, they begin to look at the world differently, enthusiastically finding uses for 3D printing household items. Although the initial cost of purchasing a printer is significant for most people, the printers create objects from an inexpensive biodegradable plastic and many designs are available for free over the internet. In most cases, the cost of 3D printing household objects is far less than the cost of purchasing the object in a store.

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Everyone Benefits with 3D Printing Household Items

3D printing household objects also offers homeowners the convenience of being able to find a design online and create objects without ever having to travel to a store. Oftentimes, designs that are available can be adjusted to change the size and color so that 3D-printing household objects creates an item that is perfectly matched to your needs. Many people are turning to 3D-printing household decor such as vases or cabinet handles or for creating cell phone cases, toys or jewelry. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts especially enjoy using 3D printing household spare parts, creating specialized trim pieces, switch plates or even the tools they need to finish home improvement jobs.

With 3D printers, creating useful objects for the modern home is as simple as printing a recipe.

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