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Anybody who has ever been disappointed while shopping will recognize the allure of simply being able to create what you are looking for. 3D printing technology lets you feed in a prototype in your computer and get a three-dimensional printout with just a click. Today, 3D-printing fashion in industry is extremely popular and is even seen in magazines and catwalks!

The convenience of 3D printing fashion:

Ever liked a garment, only to discover it doesn't fit you right? Ever owned a piece of clothing that you wish had something extra to pep it up? 3D printing your own fashion garments takes care of all these issues. At Wamungo, we have prototypes for dresses, shoes and accessories that you can use to print exactly what you need. So print out a dress knowing it'll be a perfect fit, create a one-of-a-kind tie that'll set you apart or have fun with accessories like detachable collars, cuffs and head-dresses. You can also keep your clothes and accessories organized with custom-made racks, monogrammed pins, hooks and tie-clips.

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3D Printing Fashion

Why use 3D printing fashion?

Apart from aesthetics, using 3D printing fashion for your requirements is also very practical. Whereas most stores carry standard sizes and styles, 3D printing fashion lets you customize everything according to your exact measurements. For instance, if you have wide toes and have difficulty finding shoes that fit comfortably despite being the right size, simply get them 3D printed according to your specifications. Such tailor-made, bespoke items would be extremely expensive otherwise, but 3D printing fashion items comes at a fraction of the price. So with each item here, you can be certain that you'll get exactly what you asked for, without having to settle for anything less.

With 3D printing fashion in industry getting bigger every day, what are you waiting for? Make the most of it by owning unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to be as comfortable as they are stylish.

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