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What an adorable creeper valentine box! With a hidden surprise for your loved one. Awwwww. My friends, I bring to you the true essence of a Creeper Valentine. Although exploding might be too strong of a word, trust me when I say give this to your valentine then take a step back...if only to avoid the punches!

This is a really fun project I've been working on that involves quite a few very fun physical principles like redirecting the motion of pull via hoops!
I enjoy designing around true life objects, and this one happens to be the very traditional "Confetti Popper." We're all familiar with them; you point it in the air or at someone, and pull the little cord. BOOM! Confetti. This box suspends a confetti popper face up and routes the rip-cord so that when the lid opens it actuates the popper :)

Now imagine if you cut the head off of a creeper, put heart shaped gems in its' eyes, scooped its' brain out and rigged one to explode when your valentine opens it expecting a nice shiny surprise...in true creeper fashion.
You're welcome....or not.
Please be careful..and don't rig anything else to pop or explode or whatever. That isn't nice!

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