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3D Printing

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Wamungo is the platform of the maker community for the free exchange of data, designs, concepts, ideas, addresses, trends and innovations in 3D printing, DIY, hacking and tinkering, and tinkering invent. The use of Wamungo is free. Anyone can add their offers, requests or contributions free of charge and present, provided they comply with ethical principles and are not racist, pornographic or violence-glorifying. As an open forum for the maker movement brings Wamungo enthusiasts, nerds and users together to open our shared vision of the way: everybody's everything.
Wamungo 3D-Selfie
Wamungo 3D-Selfie
You in 3D!
Get yourself beamed into the third dimension. In Munich or at your event worldwide.
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3D Printing News

3D Printing News

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Full-Body 3D Scanner
Wamungo BeamBox
Wamungo BeamBox
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Full-Body 3D Scanner

Become part of the community and share your 3D creations with others. Use Wamungo to build your own shop and integrate our 3D viewer to add amazing 3D content to your own website.

3D Printing Categories

3D Printing (609)

The cutting-edge technology of 3D-printing is set to revolutionize the way we interact with the physical world. Why not print your very own future in 3D?

Car (67)

3D Printing Car brings spare parts and replacements for all kinds of cars and oldtimers.

Office (157)

3D printing office supplies gives your office the possibility to print out every office equipment at every time. 3D print what you want, when you want.

Decoration (825)

Why settle for something less than what you want when it's much easier to just print it out? Try 3D-printing decoration items that you know you will love.

Electronic (279)

3D printing electronics parts allows manufacturers and engineers to simulate precisely and create functional prototypes that resemble the end-product.

Gifts (231)

Browse through our site and see if we carry the files of the 3D printing gifts you are looking for. iPhone, iPad, gadgets and everything you can think of.

Household (415)

3D printing household objects offers homeowners the convenience of being able to create objects without ever having to travel to a store.

Art (262)

The benefits for artists are numerous and extremely exciting since 3D printing art offers previously unexplored possibilities. From design to realization.

Food (124)

3D-printing food is just one of the areas that can benefit creative industries wishing to use the most advanced forms of design and manufacturing.

Love Toys (111)

Spice up your love live. Realize your love fantasies and make your wildest dreams come true by creating 3D-printing love toys.

Medical (133)

3D printing medical items is a revolutionary technology. Customised prosthetic limbs, dental implants and whole human organs are possible.

Scaled Models (215)

3D printing scaled models is fast becoming an essential aspect of both technical and artistic life. Why not investigate how 3D printing scaled models can help your projects?

Furniture (102)

3D printing furniture uses an advanced form of technologically, allowing you to create chairs and desks and any furniture object at the touch of a button.

Fashion (141)

Whereas most stores carry standard sizes and styles, 3D printing fashion lets you customize everything according to your exact measurements in your style.

Music (81)

Whether you want to have a couple of violins or saxophones or acoustic guitars, Wamungo has the 3D-printing music files that you are looking for.

Travel (125)

From iPhone hooks to bike bottle mounts to luggage tags, you can discover our incredibly useful range of 3D printing travel accessories for all needs.

Jewelry (162)

3D printing jewellery offers something special to men and women of all ages. For wearable art at its best, 3D printing jewellery is the perfect choice.

Toys (356)

With Wamungo, you can conveniently try out a range of awesome 3D printing toys for children of all ages.

Sport (127)

The use of 3D printing sports equipment saves significant time and physical space. At every stage of the creation, from design right through to manufacture.

Pets (122)

3D printing pets accessories enables you to choose the design that you like, and then modify it to achieve the overall appearance you want.

Tools (347)

No need to make any more time consuming trips to the hardware store. 3D printing tools brings ease and efficiency to your projects on large and small scales.

Latest News

The BeamBox - New Full Body 3D Scanner Printers-Scanners
The BeamBox - New Full Body 3D Scanner
Tassilo Singhammer / Montag, 26. Oktober 2015

Wamungo releases the BeamBox, an full body 3D scanner developed by the Wamungo team. A compact integrated scanning booth that is nevertheless mobile.

Bocusini 3D Printing Food Printers-Scanners
Bocusini 3D Printing Food
Tassilo Singhammer / Dienstag, 15. September 2015

With Bocusini there is a new device for natural 3D printing foods on the market. The 3D printer has been demonstrated live for the first time at the Iba 2015 in Munich

3D Viewer Supports new File Formats General
3D Viewer Supports new File Formats
Tassilo Singhammer / Samstag, 25. April 2015

Wamungo's 3D Viewer now supports VRML, PLY and OBJ files with textures, too, in addition to STL files.

3D Printing Art at the 3D Printshow Berlin 2015 Events
3D Printing Art at the 3D Printshow Berlin 2015
Tassilo Singhammer / Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

3D printing art had its own section at this year's 3D Printshow in Berlin. Here is a review of the most eye catching pieces that could be seen.